Mymorri is an employee portal powered by Morrison’s company for their employees and members. Employees can make use of Mymorri portal to manage their work-related activities conveniently without visiting company’s office on regular basis. Through My morri online portal, employees can check their payrolls, schedule their work and post leaving letters online. Not only My morri employees but also the store owners and other employers such as director, store manager and financial manager can use this portal to make up-to-date information regarding employees work schedule, payslips and other HR information benefits very effortlessly without facing any hassles.

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As my Morrison’s stores business enterprise is one of the main agencies in the United Kingdom, it strives to control the resources effectively. Based on that, it has created an online web portal named My Morri which allows the employees to get entry to the benefits. it is supplying numerous sorts of benefits such as employee schedules, payslips, pay stubs, and different applicable benefits. Managers can be allowed to make changes to the schedules, pay structure, excursion approval, and so forth. the primary cause of innovating My Morri is to offer the services for employees with ease and at their own conveniences.

About Morrisons

Morison is one of the largest supermarket chains in the United Kingdom engaged in the process of becoming retail supermarket stores under Morrison brand and related activities. The company offers numerous products right from food items to clothing. It is mainly famous for providing food products like meat, fish, fruits, bakery and many more. Morrisons currently operating more than 500 stores with the help of 132,000 employee which is a massive employee base.

Apart from this, Morrison has an online shopping portal which permits the customers to pick up their desired items and set it for delivery. This is the most innovative and market strategy things has Morrisons ever done for its company growth. Morrisons have allocated separate employees for this online marketing. Different IT employees and technical teams inclusively been added to maintain their online shopping site. If a customer picks up any items from the page, it will directly inform to the employees specially allocated for the products delivery purpose whose major target is to provide home delivery with convenient one hour slot via pre-located trucks. To manage such huge employee base Morrisons has created their employee portal named as Mymorri

Things to remember while accessing to Mymorri

  • You should have browsing device such as PC, mobile or tablet to access My morri.
  • Most importantly, a fast and acceptable internet connection that could able to browse pages.
  • A Google account with password knowing for login Mymorri portal.
  • Only employees of Morrisons are permitted to use this employee portal.

How to access Mymorri

  • At the initial point, you have to visit from your web browser.
  • Enter the login credentials that you use for opening Gmail on Mymorri Login page.
  • If you do not have any Google account, you need to create one where you will have to fill your personal details such as name, address, contact number, etc.
  • Tap the Login button after entering the credentials.
  • Now you will be able to access My morri portal and enjoy the benefits your Morrisons company have for you.